Honest Greens restaurant powered
by Blaze Audio

The Honest Greens restaurant chain has selected the Blaze PowerZone 1004 to power the audio.

The Honest Greens restaurant chain has recently opened a new location in the heart of Porto, on Rua de Santa Catarina, and selected the Blaze PowerZone 1004 to power the audio.

Honest Greens has many locations in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and now Porto – where they tasked Lisbon based Garrett Audiovisuais to implement the Audio solution for this exciting new space.

Blaze Audio brought its amplification technology with the PowerZone 1004 model – chosen for its reliability – working in conjunction with a digital audio processor.

For the ambient sound system – speakers from Cornered Audio were used – which delivers the right sound for a restaurant of this size – but also with a discreet and elegant format, while the bass was handled by the dBTechnologies SUB 612.

The control of the entire system is done with a touch panel, where it is possible to adjust various parameters such as the volume by zones, or select some scenarios previously programmed for the location.

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