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PowerZone™ 504

500 W install power amplifiers with 4 channels

  • All channels deliver high & low impedance loads – meaning one amplifier can replace two, and saves you costs and installation time.
  • Total power is automatically shared across the output channels – use one PowerZone™ amp to utilize the power where you need it (*model-specific feature).
  • Ultra-compact form factor – means the ½ rack PowerZone™ are so small and neat they can be installed in spaces where other brands cannot.
  • Consolidate products and brands – save the hassle of sourcing multiple amplifiers when PowerZone™ can be used on many different install sites.
  • Easy to configure DIP Switches – allow you to set up on-site as you need and has front panel control lock to stop unwanted changes to your setup.
  • GPIO interface – enables adding a standard remote control (potentiometer) to the system.
  • Class leading energy efficiency – means a day-to-day energy saving and long-term low cost of ownership.
  • Pascal’s UMAC™ Class-D amplifier technology – with market proven, ultra-reliable U-PRO amp modules
  • PowerZone™ quality and reliability are backed up with a 5-year warranty.
Output Power @ 4/8Ω 4 x 125 W
Output Power @ 70/100V* 4 x 125 W
Total System Power 500 W
Power Consumption 150 W
Dimensions 44.5 x 220 x 337 mm
1.75 x 8.66 x 13.27 in
Weight 2.4 kg | 5.3 lbs

Maintenance Port Only used by Blaze Audio


DIP Switches See user manual for configuration options


GPIO Connections External control & monitoring


INPUT All channels


OUTPUT All channels


Mains Power IEC 90-268 Vac input

PowerZone™ series

Each output channel can be independently configured to drive either Lo-Z or Hi-Z loads – making it so much more flexible and versatile than other full rack products. This means a system can be easily configured with any power output, and drive both Lo-Z and Hi-Z loudspeakers – from just one clever amplifier.

Total available power is automatically shared across channel pairs – thanks to our power sharing technology (*252 and 504 models only).  The ultra-compact PowerZone can be installed in locations where other products cannot – and has desk and wall mount brackets as well as full rack supports.

PowerZone is a robust and energy-efficient amplifier, that offers quick set-up and custom configuration options, and like all PowerZone products, this reliable, high-performance amplifier has a 5-year warranty.

Product Data

Additional information

Total System Power

500 W

Output Power @ 4/8Ω

4 x 125 W

Output Power @ 70/100V*

4 x 125 W

Powershare (up to) Across all channels**

2 x 250 W

Power Consumption



44.5 x 220 x 337 mm
(1.75 x 8.66 x 13.27 in)


2.4 kg (5.3 lbs)

Output Circuitry

UMAC™ Class D – full bandwidth PWM modulator with ultra-low distortion

Output Voltage

45Vrms (S.E) – 70/100V (Hi-Z)

Signal To Noise-Ratio

> 100 dB (A-weighted, 20 Hz – 20 kHz, 8 Ω load)

THD+N (typical)

< 0.05 % (20 Hz – 20 kHz, 8 Ω load, 3 dB below rated power)

Frequency Response

20 Hz – 20 kHz (+0/-0.25 dB (8 Ω load, 3 dB below rated power)

Protection Circuits

Short circuit protection, DC protection, under voltage protection, temperature protection, overload protection

Power Supply

UREC™ universal mains switch mode power supply with Power Factor Correction (PFC)
and integral standby converter

Operating Voltage/Frequency.

Universal Mains, 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Standby Consumption

< 0.5 W (Energy Star & ErP 1275/2008/EC compliant)

Power Ratings

1% THD @ 120VAC and 230VAC

Yes, the amplifiers will remember the settings of maximum volume when dipswitch number 8 is placed in the upper position. This is most helpful if 10K ohm potentiometers are used or if the amplifier is used in a larger installation controlled from a DSP.

Is it possible to mute the amp when receiving a dedicated signal (Fire and Evac), especially for security reasons, e.g., in shopping malls or schools with voice alarms?

Yes, the amplifier can be triggered to go into standby using the GPIO contact on the back of the amplifier. A normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) contact can be used.

Do I have to bridge outputs for 100V mode?

No, each output can be driven in either Low-Z or High-Z. This makes these amplifiers very flexible.

Why is there a maintenance USB port on the back?

The maintenance USB port can be used to update the built-in DSP in the amplifiers. Look at our website to find the latest firmware (It is normally not necessary to update the firmware).

Can I link PowerZone amplifiers together, as I can with the PowerZone Connect amplifiers?

No, only by linking the inputs. The PowerZone amplifiers do not have S/PDIF in and out, as the PowerZone Connect series.

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