Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid powered by Blaze Audio

The Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid has chosen our PowerZone™ Connect 122 to power the audio in 90 classrooms

The Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid ( ) has chosen our PowerZone Connect 122 to equip the majority of their teaching classrooms. In total; 180 amplifiers have been used for 90 classrooms.

This installation is a remarkable achievement for a brand like Blaze Audio, marking our presence in the pro audio industry.

This also marks the second occasion in which URJC have chosen our multi-zone amplifiers, showcasing their commitment to providing high-quality education with exceptional audio solution – provided by Blaze Audio.

The installation of our amplifiers was handled by the AV responsible at URJC in collaboration with Magnetron, our official distributor of Blaze Audio in Spain.

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