Blaze Audio Unveils Exciting all new DSP Features in Latest Firmware Upgrade for PowerZone™ Connect Amplifiers and Wall-S1 Controller.

[Denmark, May 10] – Blaze Audio, a leading provider of pro audio solutions for the commercial and leisure install markets, is thrilled to announce the release of new firmware for its PowerZone™ Connect amplifiers and Wall-S1 controller. This firmware upgrade introduces a wide range of Digital Signal Processing features, revolutionizing audio installations and delivering unparalleled value for a variety of pro audio installations.

With the latest firmware upgrade, Blaze Audio’s PowerZone™ Connect amplifiers now boast input mixing capabilities, restriction options, priority routing, and ducking functionality. Additionally, the firmware upgrade includes Input EQ options, enabling users to finely tune each analog input channel with a virtual 5-band EQ. Moreover, the upgrade brings the convenience of routing all zones and input sources to S/PDIF, simplifying zone expansion and enhancing scalability.

Blaze Audio’s user-friendly and intuitive web app, PowerZone™ Control, seamlessly integrates all the DSP features, and can be accessed from any device and browser, providing users with effortless control and customization options. To access the all-new features, users can download the latest firmware versions, PowerZone™ Connect 1.4.0 and Wall-S1 controller 1.1.0, from the official Blaze Audio support page: or experience the PowerZone™ Control web app firsthand by visiting

What’s new:

  • Input Mixing: Mix up to 4 microphones/line inputs and a digital music source simultaneously, which is ideal for locations and installations with multiple audio/voice inputs.

  • Restriction: One mix and/or music source can now be used in one zone and restricted in another. If inputs are unused, the input channel won’t appear on the Wall-S1 controller.

  • Priority & Ducking: Set up priority input and ducking in your zones to override primary input for announcements or other audio.

  • Input EQ: Virtual 5-band EQ added to adjust each of the analogue input channels.

  • S/PDIF output routing improved: Any zone and any input can now be routed to the S/PDIF and let another amplifier follow the first amp and expand the install.

  • High-pass filter: With a single click, you can now add a High-pas s filter to any connected microphone for improved speech intelligibility and natural sound.

  • Sine generator generator added. 
  • Improved web app interface

About Blaze Audio:

Blaze Audio is a pioneering provider of cutting-edge audio solutions, catering to the needs of the commercial and leisure install markets worldwide. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Blaze Audio continues to revolutionize the audio industry by delivering exceptional power and sound performance demanded in commercial locations, and the technology, quality, and reliability expected by the professional audio market. Blaze Audio is a brand of Pascal, the world’s leading provider of pro audio amplifier electronics.

Media Contact:

Sergei de Candial
Executive Director, Global Marketing
[email protected]

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