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Introducing Speaker Presets - New Firmware available

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PowerZone ConnectDateVersionSize
BlazeConnect-1.5.0.bin2023-09- notesDownload
BlazeConnect-1.4.1.bin2023-06-301.4.13.1mbRelease notesDownload
BlazeConnect-1.4.0.bin2023-04- notesDownload
BlazeConnect-1.3.3.bin2023-02- notesDownload
BlazeConnect-1.3.0.bin2022-10- notesDownload
PowerZone seriesDateVersionSize
BlazePowerZone 2.2.0.zip2023-04- notesDownload
Blaze-Wall-S1-1.1.0.bin2023-04- notesDownload
Firmware update guide video (1 min 30 sec)

Speaker Presets

3rd Party Device Drivers

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For PowerZone Connect series (1002, 1502, 2004, 2004D, 3004 & 3004D)

For PowerZone Connect series (122, 122D, 252, 254, 504 & 504D)

For PowerZone series (252, 504 & 1004)

For Wall-S1 Wall Controller

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