House of Worship

House of Worship projects require reliable, high-quality amplification of voice, often covering a large distribution area. Blaze Audio solutions are perfect for HoW projects, thanks to our high-quality amplification at low power and superior speech intelligibility. Our PowerZone™ Connect amplifiers offer a wide range of total system power, between 125W and 3000W, and can be set up with any speaker load. Moreover, our PowerZone™ Control web app simplifies audio setup, enabling mic talk-overs, and making it a hassle-free process.

Corporate, Government & Enterprise

The Corporate, Government, and Enterprise sector has a wide range of applications for audio systems, with or without mic talk overs, including conferences and boardrooms, meeting areas of any size, warehouses, cafeterias, and break areas. Blaze Audio is an ideal choice for these applications, as our solutions are reliable, flexible, and easy to set up and use. Our PowerZone™ amplifiers are capable of covering different sound pressure needs, and up to 8 Wall-S1 controllers can be networked to cover many rooms or large spaces. Additionally, our PowerZone™ Control web app facilitates effortless customization of even the most detailed audio/ voice systems, and adept management of multiple DSP configurations and tuning features, such as multi-zone setup, input mixing, priority and ducking, restriction, input and output EQ, and much more.

Fitness & Sports venues

Fitness projects demand high-quality sound systems with exceptional flexibility. Background music is played in gym and workout areas, while the same system is also required to provide full power with mic talk overs in classes such as spinning. PowerZone™ amplifiers can handle these demanding environments, as automatic power sharing delivers the necessary power across any channel and loudspeaker setup while easy pre-set inputs for audio/voice mixes for different fitness activities can be configured using our PowerZone™ Control web app.

Hotels and Education sites

Our PowerZone™ Connect amplifier series and web app, PowerZone™ Control, provide effortless customization for full DSP configuration of audio/voice systems in locations requiring multi-zone setups with sound and mic talk overs. This is particularly crucial in hotels, educational facilities, auditoriums, theaters, and vast hospitality spaces with multiple meeting rooms. Furthermore, our S/PDIF output routing feature facilitates zone and input routing allowing easy system expansion through multiple interconnected amplifiers.

Bars & Cafes

Our selection of amplifiers is designed to meet the sound pressure needs of any hospitality project, regardless of its size. With channel output available in both Lo-Z and Hi-Z, as well as smart power sharing and easy system setup, PowerZone™ amplifiers are an ideal choice for bars and cafes. By utilizing our PowerZone™ Control web app and networked controllers, any project can be swiftly configured to provide exceptional background sound in locations with multiple zones.

Restaurant and dining

Regardless of the size of the restaurant, music is an essential element of the overall dining experience. As different areas within a restaurant have varying audio requirements, a flexible audio system is necessary. For instance, busy bar areas may require higher sound pressure levels, while cosy dining areas may require much less. Our PowerZone™ amplifiers provide the ideal solution, delivering the required power output and flexibility to provide sound to any zone or room, regardless of its size.

Retail Environments

Music plays a crucial role in the success of retail businesses as it affects customer mood, behavior, and purchase decisions. At Blaze Audio, we provide a variety of system designs featuring amplifier models ranging from 60W to 750W per channel, which are easy to configure. Our PowerZone™ Control web app allows you to restrict or set maximum and minimum volume levels across different retail zones. Additionally, our networked wall controllers help manage the source and volume, providing customization and PIN code protection for added security.

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