Wall-S1 US

Single Zone PoE powered wall-controller

  • Danish-designed, high-performance polymer material with a touch-friendly matte finish and concealed screws
  • Available in EU and US versions, standard white RAL9003 and black RAL9005
  • 4 color screen schemes, 4 brightness and 4 button backlight options
  • Instant network pairing and configuration for up to 8 Wall-S1 controllers with each PowerZone™ Connect amplifier
  • Optional 4-digit PIN code protection
  • Works with PowerZone™ Connect amplifiers
Amplifier Compatibility Blaze Audio - PowerZone™ Connect series
Colour Black (RAL9005) and White (RAL9003)
External Dimensions (H x W) 115.1 x 70.6 mm
4.53 x 2.78 in
Weight 120 g | 4.2 oz.
Maximum Cable Length (CAT 5e) 100 m | 328 ft
Power Consumption PoE Cla ss 1 / 3.84 W ma x
Power Supply Power to the RJ45 ethernet port on the rear of device using a category 5e cable (or faster STP) with the use of a standard PoE switch, or PoE injector

Wall-S1 controller

The Wall-S1 is a wall mounted networked/ PoE controller for remote control of any Blaze Audio PowerZone™ Connect amplifier. It enables end-user control of input source and volume, as well as many advanced features and settings that system installers can configure and customise to meet the needs of a specific location. It is simple to set up, configure, and customize any installed system, and any sound zone. With the ability to pair up to 8 x Wall-S1 controllers per PowerZone™ Connect amplifier and assign them to any configured audio zones, installers can effortlessly set up projects using this straightforward networked controller. Real-time syncing within the same zone, PIN code protection for system security & access, and customizable color screens are among the advanced features that can be personalized to ensure the perfect fit for each location.

Product Data

Additional information

Amplifier Compatibility

PowerZone™ Connect series

External Dimensions (H x W)

86.79 x 86.79 mm<br>
3.42 x 3.42 in


120g, 4.2oz.

Maximum Cable Length (CAT 5e)

100m, 328ft

Power Consumption

PoE Class 1 / 3.84 W max

Power Supply

Power to the RJ45 ethernet port on the rear of device using a category 5e cable (or faster STP) with the use of a standard PoE switch, or PoE injector


Black, White

The end-user can change volume and source. The installer can customize settings for each controller using the installation software. You can change the background color of the display, the brightness of the screen and button light, and set a PIN code if desired.

How long can the network cable be?

As this uses a normal network CAT 5e cable (as a minimum) and PoE switches or routers, the standard network rules apply for the Wall-S1. Up to 100 meters between switches or Wall-S1.

Is it possible to change the Volume of an input source?

No, the Wall-S1 can change the master volume of the zone it is attached to. For creating presets of different volume settings for sources, use the mixers in the web app installation tool.

Where can I buy the wall mount box?

The Wall-S1 is a standard EU or US one-gang size and can therefore be purchased from almost all electrical suppliers or builder’s merchants.

Is it possible to change the Zone in the wall controller?

The Wall-S1 is designed as a single-zone controller to keep the interface simple for end-users. For multi-zone control, use one of the control systems supported with full API compatibility.

Can I change the name of zones and input sources on the wall controller?

No, to change the name of a zone or music source, use the installer web app (Refer to the installation manual). All settings done in the installer web app synchronize in real-time with the Wall-S1 and will be displayed to the user.

Is it possible to remove input sources from the Wall-S1 wall controller that people should not have access to – or don’t use?

Yes, only microphones or music sources wanted in each zone need to be present on the wall controller. In every zone, “Restrictions” can be used to remove unwanted or unused inputs. Installers can do this using the web app during amplifier and wall controller installation.

Is the Wall-S1 powered by PoE or from a power supply?

The Wall-S1 is powered from a PoE switch or router. A simple switch can be used as the wall controller uses very little power.

Does the Wall-S1 have a static or DHCP IP address?

The Wall-S1 comes with a DHCP IP address by default. If the amplifier is set to DHCP (instead of a static IP address), the wall controller will automatically show up in the installation web app, ready to be connected to the amplifier. (Use Firmware 1.6.1 or later)

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