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Designed as a high-output sub-bass companion subwoofer, the BL118SS offers extended low frequency and high-level output in a tour grade enclosure.

  • 2500W of stunning low-end response
  • Symmetrical dispersion pattern.
  • The Blaze BL118SS is designed to satisfy the need for an extreme high SPL sub bass loudspeaker system. Components have been selected solely for their performance.
  • The Blaze BL118SS utilizes a direct radiating 18-inch, 2000W cone driver in a tuned enclosure, which provides maximum output with minimal distortion and smooth extended low frequency response.
  • The tour-tested 21 ply Baltic Birch highly braced enclosure and 24 mm thick baffle board construction provide unsurpassed rigidity and strength.
  • Configurable as in cardioid, or end-fire arrays.
  • Full integration with Blaze Power Zone Connect 3004 amplifiers.
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